How our Property Managers can help you during summer

How our Property Managers can help you during summer

Over the summer holidays, our dedicated team of expert property managers are working tirelessly to ensure your investment grows and is looked after while you take a well-earned break.

Throughout the festive season, our highly trained property managers will be processing new tenancy applications, organising maintenance requests, conducting open inspections, managing payments and arrears, marketing newly listed properties, and assisting with new business. They will always be contactable and willing to assist in all matters relating to your investment.

Here’s a reminder of how our leasing consultants look after your investment property.


Our leasing consultants must ensure that a suitable tenant is located as soon as possible, keeping the property’s vacancy time to a minimum. To keep vacancy rates at a minimum, the property will receive maximum market exposure through extensive online advertising, prominent signage when possible, circulation of weekly rental list and presentation to pre-qualified applicants.

Our leasing consultants will accompany all prospective tenants during exhibitions. This means that your property is secure, and our staff can answer any queries immediately while also ensuring that any facilities such as pools, gyms, tennis courts, security features and on-site parking are identified and presented.

Before any application is considered, all prospective tenants go through a strenuous qualification process, which includes extensive background and identity checks, confirmation of employment and source of income, reference checks and a thorough look into their rental history. Prospective tenants are also checked against Australia’s largest tenancy history database, TICA.

During the leasing process landlords will receive regular feedback from the leasing team, then once the applicants have been reviewed, the recommended applications are provided to the landlord for selection. Once the selection is made, the tenancy agreement is signed in person with all tenants present, then all clauses and sections of the agreement are discussed to ensure the tenants fully understand their rights and obligations before they move into the property.


Our property managers have strict procedures to follow to ensure routine inspections are carried out as and when required. Legislation permits routine inspections to take place prior to a tenant occupying the property, once during the first four weeks of tenancy, once every six months from there, upon the tenant vacating the property, and at the completion of each inspection, a report will be filed and issued to the landlord.

Our Property Managers are always contactable should your tenant report the need for any maintenance or repairs at your investment property during the rental term. Landlords will be advised of all maintenance and repair requests made by the tenant, and anything reported at routine inspections, and will be provided with solutions for rectification. You will always be contacted first to obtain your approval before proceeding with any maintenance.

“Our Property Managers will always be contactable and willing to assist in all matters relating to your investment.


Blackshaw Real Estate understands that your rental property is an investment. Our property managers have strict procedures to follow to ensure that rent reviews are carried out and that landlords are receiving the best price for their property. Legislation permits rent reviews on an annual basis.

When it comes to rental arrears, our property managers monitor this on a daily basis and follow a strict zero-tolerance policy. If a tenant falls behind in their rent, the landlord will be contacted immediately, and all legislative steps will be followed to protect against any loss.

We supply our landlords with a statement at the end of each month that outlines all income and expenditure. Our lessors can be paid their rental income on the 15th of the month (or closest business day) and/or on the last business day of each month.

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